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  • Featured (premium) placement for your jobs on all targeted user profiles, websites, mobile, email & partner platforms
  • Save time with Prescreening testing and automated candidates filtering.
  • Manage interviews with Interview scheduling tool.
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  • Search qualified candidates based on your specific requirements.
  • Preview candidates' profiles/resumes that meet your criteria.
  • Organize your shortlists in folders using keywords
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  • Custom/Unlimited job postings.
  • Custom Integration with your existing platform or ATS.
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  • Salary Research tool to give you insight on employee salaries.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is my job advert featured?

    Your job listing will be featured until the application deadline elapses or 60 days. Maximum duration of a job listing is 60 days, after that you will have to republish it.

  • How does your prescreening tool work?

    While posting your job advert, you have the option to set some questions applicants will answer before applications. This tool will help you automatically sort applications based on relevance. You can set any type of question you want.

  • How does Quick Shortlist work?

    Our Quick shortlist service helps you hire fast without stress of going through lots of CVs. You just get us the job brief (details) we go to work finding the right person you need. We ensure we bring you a shortlist of candidates that meet your specified experience, skills and any other requirements.

  • How does Candidates Search work?

    Our candidates search service helps you hire fast without stress of going through lots of CVs. It enables you to search for candidates on our datanase. You can search by entering keywords, specific requirements and skills.


Ngcareers has proved our best source of quality candidate attraction in Nigeria.

Gregory - Best Search Recruitment

We got excellent results using Ngcareers and the customer service is good.

Lucky - Datapoint Microsystems

Ngcareers is a good source for qualified candidates.

Nazilim - TravelBeta

We understand it can be difficult finding employees with the right mix of experience, skill and drive. Let's help you do the tough work so you focus on other issues